4 May 2012

Dual band 10m/6m halo erected

10m and 6m nested wire halos on the mast
The Homebase-10 halo is now a Homebase-10/6 with a second dipole within the first covering the lower part of 50MHz. After just minor adjustment both bands have a near unity VSWR over the parts of the bands where there is CW/DATA/SSB activity.

Since making the changes I have exchanged 5W WSPR reports with FR1GZ  on 10m, and got -19dB S/N on 10m WSPR from CX2ABP (11127km), so that is still working as before. I have yet to work something on 6m to be able to judge the omni-directivity of the 6m halo.

Dimensions for the inner 6m dipole were simply scaled down from the values at 10m: the outer sections are 564mm long and the folded dipole inner section 873mm long (these are the dimensions each side of the feed point). A single 50 ohm RG58 coax feeds both 10m and 6m sections.

Details of the original Homebase-10 were in my Practical Wireless article a few years ago and also on my webpage at https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp/Home/homebase10 .

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