19 May 2012

Dayton and new QRP transceivers

Not being in the USA, I don't get to visit the big Dayton Hamvention held each May, but I do look out for announcements from the big suppliers about newly released products, especially QRP radios. Elecraft were displaying the new KX3 and Ten-Tec announced a new Argonaut VI due to be released later this year. This is a little larger than the FT817 and has HF only coverage (less 12m) but looks ideal for a high spec, inexpensive QRP radio up to 10W. For more on the Ten-Tec Argonaut VI (was the Ten-Tec 539) see this link.

But, yet again Yaesu has NOT released, as far as I am aware, a successor to the FT817.

One of the best places to look for news of Dayton is http://qrper.com/ which has reports and photos of new products.

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