14 Apr 2012

Lynton and Barnstaple Railway

On our holiday in north Devon last week we enjoyed a ride on the steam hauled Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. This is a delightful narrow gauge line that runs through a small piece of Exmoor countryside. When the line was originally build and opened in 1898 this 1ft 11.5inch gauge line ran all the way from the market town of Barnstaple to Lynton on the north coast winding its way around the hills. It included some long 1 in 50 inclines. The narrow gauge was chosen to minimise the costs and to allow tight curves on the line. It closed in 1935. Today the line is run as a trust and only over a very short length although, funds permitting, it is eventually hoped that the whole length can be reinstated as few obstructions prevent this. If you are in this part of the west country I can recommend a visit to this fascinating little line.

This is a video on YouTube showing the line as it was in 1935.

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Dominic Rivron said...

Sounds fun. Have just been to the Isle of Man and ridden on some of narrow gauge railways (and trams) that run there - even to the top of Snaefell.

And, incidentally, the Isle of Man seemed to fairly bristle with amateur radio antennae.