25 Apr 2012

Email questions

As my blogsites and websites attract quite a few visitors, I get a good number of emails from people asking me questions about my projects/thoughts. Whenever possible I try to respond to these right away but occasionally, for example when I am on holiday or have filed the email in the wrong place before answering, I don't reply. Please accept my apologies and write again if after a week or so you've not had an answer.

My standard answer when people ask advice about my circuits is that they are never guaranteed and some experimentation will be needed in any particular implementation layout. The circuits worked for me and should for you if you are prepared to "tweak" values a little.

1 comment:

Tony said...

Hello Roger

The repeatability of your projects are very good.Built most of your circuits with out any problems.
Components are easy to source from G-QRP club sales.

Kind Regards Tony