16 Apr 2012

Elecraft KX3 leadtimes

As a potential buyer (still thinking about it), I asked the sales desk at Elecraft what sort of leadtime I could expect if I placed an order for a fully loaded , ready assembled KX3 in the next couple of weeks. This was the reply:

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in the KX3 Transceiver.  Orders placed now will ship in 90-120 days. We are working hard to make it less than that, but right now that is my best estimate.

Thank you,

So, 3-4 months wait currently.


Mike G4GOC said...

If you're at all interested, Roger, you risk nothing by placing an order. Elecraft won't charge your credit card or even ship the order without a positive reply to their "ready-to-ship" email in 3 - 4 months time. So you retain the ability to cancel until the order is actually despatched.

73, Mike

Julian Moss said...

I'll reconsider ordering when the model with all the options I want is available off the shelf. For obvious reasons I'm not interested in having to wait 4 months for anything. Quite apart from the fact that the best /P weather will be over.

Anonymous said...

I would not encourage the practice of outrageously high pricing by buying one of these radios. Just my opinion. David WB4ONA

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the KX3 is deemed to be a 'Kit'? If not it will probably also involve paying full import duty on it.
John GW3OIN.