24 Mar 2012

VLF activity this last week

Whilst I was away on holiday there was considerable activity around 8.970kHz from Europe with Henny PA3CPM now putting a consistant signal from his small home station antenna on the G3ZJO grabber. Activity is continuing this weekend.

One of my priorities in the next 2 weeks is to get my VLF receive set-up back in full working order as this has been off-air for a couple of months. I will try a new E-field probe this time around and see how results compare with my 80m square wire loop. The PA0RDT or DK7FC E-field probes are well proven designs that work well if mounted high and in a low noise environment. See https://sites.google.com/site/sub9khz/antennas for details. Antenna size is less important than S/N and dynamic range on VLF RX. This is why tiny voltage probe antennas can work so well.

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