15 Mar 2012

iPod Touch, SpectrumView and external mic input

A few days ago I mentioned SpectrumView as being a very useful package for the iPhone and iPod Touch 4g for audio measurements and spectrum analysis. Well, I've now got a 4 pin jack plug and wired it up (according to the best published data I can find) as an external mic input. To my great disappointment nothing happened and the internal mic was still being selected. I am wondering if something has to be asserted to select the external mic input? Anyone know please? What did I do wrong? The ring nearest the jack body is the mic input and the next ring down is supposed to be the ground. I checked the plug was correctly wired. Help!


tmw said...

I hope someone can answer authoritatively but a couple of ideas sprung to mind: 1. they never tested it on the touch and there's something different about the the touch that the software doesn't realize and won't allow the mic to be selected 2. the proprietary plug has some industrial design weirdness where it has to have the exact size beyond just the four-connector plug that might be available through most electronic supply places. you could try testing with other apps possibly? best of luck!!!!!

Roger said...

Good idea to try with another app. Will see if the audio recorder function works with an external audio input.