21 Mar 2012

Holidays and light

Starehole Bay near Salcombe today
Being on holiday in South Devon at the moment it is a good time to do some walking on the cliff tops in the spring sunshine. Now, most people looking at the beautiful coastal scenes will think, "this is a beautiful view" or "aren't we lucky having such good weather".

So do I, but I find myself looking out to sea and thinking how would a 481THz light signal scatter off waves in the sea? Would my beacon be copyable around the coast by aiming a few miles out to sea and aiming a receiver (located down the coast) at the same spot in the sea? How would my QRSS3 light beam beacon signal scatter off those metamorphic schist cliff formations? 

I need a holiday .....oh, I'm on one!


Anonymous said...

LOL - On holidays or out and about I tend to look longingly at trees for ways of stringing up wire antennas. At least then I can pretend I am just looking at the scenery. At home such longing gazes trigger my XYL to remark "Not another antenna ?..."

73 Steve VK2XV

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger, very recognizable. Enjoying the sceenery, while your thoughts wonder off to radio related stuf. Since I have been reading about the EH-antenne, I see a half EH-antenne in every aluminium can for "energy drinks", trown away on the street. hi
I enjoy your stories on your 481 THZ experiments.
73, Bert