2 Mar 2012

Getting Going on "Bottom Band"

Well, guess what, I am a year younger (amateur radio wise) than I thought. Having looked up some old RSGB Bulletins this evening I see that I actually joined the RSGB in 1963 and not 1962, so I've only been a member for the last 49 years. Suddenly I feel a year younger!

I was looking for an article about lightbeam communications that was in the very first RSGB Bulletin (later Radcom) I ever received and this was in April 1963 and not 1962. It was called "Getting Going on Bottom Band". The article was an April Fool's one but I didn't realise this and got the reference books from the library. But, the fascination with communicating a long way over a beam of light was kindled in that very article and only now am I giving the subject proper attention, some 49 (and not 50) years later. I feel as if I have a whole year extra in which to enjoy the hobby, HI.

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Anonymous said...

1963 was a good year. My year of birth !
73 Ron PA2RF