12 Mar 2012

160m JT65

My 4 year old grandson having gone home now, I have my shack back again so am able to play amateur radio again. I've several things to catch up on including:
  1. Trying for a first 160m JT65 QSO.
  2. Measuring the performance of my ST-3 JRC headphones that AA1TJ managed to find for me recently.
  3. Another over-the-horizon 481THz test looking for G4HJW's beacon and my own.
  4. Testing my iPod Touch SpectrumView application with an external audio input.
This evening I have been copied by G4HPW (87km) on JT65 on 160m but no 2-way QSOs with this mode are in the log yet on topband using my compact loft antenna.

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