7 Mar 2012

160m JT65

As I appear to be having some success with WSPR on topband, I have decided to try JT65 on the band to see if I can manage a few QSOs.

UPDATE: after calling for around 15 minutes I gave up!


Paul PHØTO said...

I use Hamspot.net to see where the JT65 activity take place. 160 m isn't popular, I don't know why.

Roger said...

I guess the noise levels are too high Paul. I shall try again tonight.

Bob said...

Well John GM4SLV and I were both around and finally managed a proper QSO. The major problem was noise at my end as John had no problem receiving my 5 watts while I could barely hear his considerably higher power. http://jt65.w6cqz.org/receptions.php certainly helps a lot to see if you are getting out and who can hear who.

John GM4SLV said...

Thanks for the QSO Bob,
Roger's WSPR was making it to Shetland well enough too. I say PH0TO calling CQ and answered a few times last night, but no joy. Can't remember what power I was using, but I did have to go all the way to 100W at times to make the QSO with Bob. It's not a QRP mode on 160m!