26 Feb 2012

Successful 481THz NLOS test (8.63km)

8.63km non line-of-sight reception of 481THz optical beacon
Bernie G4HJW set his high power optical beacon running a 1.082kHz tone this evening pointing in the Burwell direction on a non line-of-sight path from his home QTH at Little Wilberham. He then came over to Burwell to compare his RX and my own from a test site on the edge of the village clear of the village lights. Distance was 8.63km.

Both on Bernie's RX kit and my own we got solid copy by ear of the beacon at a distance of around 8.63km NLOS using 100mm optics. Once found, the signal was solid.  I then set up the optics on the tripod and fed the signal into Spectran where the signal was 30dB over noise in a 0.17Hz bandwidth. Listen here for a recording (best played back using Spectran with 0.17Hz bandwidth settings)

G4HJW's beacon TX
There was hardly a cloud in the sky, so this was largely by scatter from the mist/dust in the air. Bernie says signals have been stronger on other nights. Best reception was with the RX aimed just above the horizon, maybe 5-10 degrees at most above.

This was very gratifying as it is the furtherest NLOS signal I have copied and it verified my RX kit is now working at good sensitivity.

When I got back home I did try to copy the beacon by ear out of the bedroom window but the tree cover and lights made copy not possible. However I will try again later in the week with Spectran running and narrow bandwidth.

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