8 Feb 2012

A novel QRP power source

FreeCharge 12V is a small, portable generator, similar to that used in portable hand-cranked torches. The output is regulated to give 12-14.2V DC although the product datasheet does not state the available current. I suspect it is in the low milliamps as its main use appears to be to power/charge mobile phones in an emergency.

This could make a novel power source for low power QRP transceivers as no batteries would be required, just a few seconds or minutes of cranking.  Figures given are 360 turns (approx. 3 min wind) gives 9-11 minutes of mobile phone talk time and a 60 second wind gives 2-4 minutes of talk time. Price is £19.99 and it is available from Freeplay or via Amazon UK.

The sales blurb says:
"The Freecharge 12V provides emergency power to a mobile phone, PDA, iPod, GPS receiver, or any other electronic device for which you have (or can get) a cigarette-lighter adapter. Wind its hand crank to generate electricity and put power straight into your device. Never be unable to use your mobile phone, or other important device, just because its battery has run down."

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Anonymous said...

It says 600mA max at 12V, but I think you will have to be cranking like fury for that. Anyway, enough for some rigs (My SW40+ should be fine!) G6AIG (Hugh)