14 Feb 2012

A new MF ham band agreed at last

472-479kHz was officially agreed as a new secondary allocation for radio amateurs at WRC-2012 today.  See http://www.arrl.org/news/amateur-radio-gets-secondary-mf-allocation-at-wrc-12 .

It may be some months, or even a year or so, before the band is available in the UK. I already have kit to use on the new frequencies (my 500kHz tranverter) but may update it with a better antenna and a bit more power.

7kHz doesn't sound much but it is much better than the 3kHz available by NoV around 500kHz currently. Also it is likely to be available in most countries with EIRP somewhere between 1 and 5W depending on footnotes and location.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great news Roger

Look forward to working you on 475 kHz
CW early 2013 I will use my DDS sig gen
Into a suitable PA with the required LPF redesign
for the new frequencies.