6 Feb 2012

New Elecraft KX3 Photo

The new KX3 HF-6m 0-10W Elecraft All-mode transceiver
N1RX, who has been a field tester for Elecraft's new KX3 QRP rig, posted a photo on the KX3 Yahoo Group today showing the latest version of the transceiver. Deliveries are due to start shortly and it does look a very high specification radio, albeit quite a bit more expensive than the FT817. However it offers SO much more by way of features. It is more like a small K3 transceiver.  A look at its specification and features set is worth it. The guys at Elecraft do know how to design some very elegant QRP products. A copy of the user manual is expected to be available for down load within a few weeks.


John GM4SLV said...

But what's with the microphone? ;-)

Roger said...

Some of us still use these John, from time to time.