6 Jan 2012

OPERA - new weak signal beaconing mode

There is a new very weak signal beaconing mode being trialled currently on 136 and 500kHz called OPERA. The current version is available as a zip download at http://www.mediafire.com/?w74a061m48nv806 but this is a beta version and updates are happening quite fast at the moment, so best check the RSGB's LF reflector for the most recent version from Graham G4WGT.

Initial indications are this is even better than WSPR, which as we all know is an excellent QRP beaconing mode. I managed to decode SM6BHZ (just under 1000km) and PA0A tonight when using just my 20m separated earth electrodes (no antenna in the air here at all) on 136kHz.

Over the weekend I may give this a go with a few mW ERP on 500kHz and, when I get my vertical loop re-erected, on 136kHz too.

Early days yet, but a most interesting mode that does NOT need critical PC timing (unlike WSPR) and that can use the PTT line or VOX control to key the TX i.e. it is simple to interface rig to PC.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Interesting I keep a eye on it. 73, Bas

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Roger, a quick investigation on the www tells me this mode and ROS are from the same builder!!! That gives another view on it. Be carefull. 73, Bas

John GM4SLV said...

Yes, I agree with Bas. I'm suspicious of downloads from sites that are obvious hosts for all manner of other nefarious software and of the closed source, secret, nature of ROS and Opera. And the user interface is awful and there's no decent documentation, for either ROS or Opera. Sticking to good honest open and transparent modes in future.

Anonymous said...

Great, another beacon mode that ppl will IM SURE use on 160m..where beacons in the USA that are un-attended are illegal..infact.. all those 30m beacons are in the USA illegal..more clutter and crap,to sift threw.. while im actually operating a mode and trying to work people.

Roger said...

Agreed about the UI and poor documentation. It's a pity K1JT didn't write it in which case it would be much better.