13 Jan 2012

FT-450D Hum (again)

From what I see and hear, Yaesu is still selling this otherwise excellent HF/6m transceiver with a fundamental design flaw: hum created by poor grounding of the display module when dimmed from maximum brightness. This problem was there on the FT450 but whatever improvement, if any, was implemented in the upgrade to the D version,  it has not worked consistently.  This really annoys me: surely this sort of issue should have been picked up in beta testing? The fix being implemented by many owners seems simple, so why the heck doesn't Yaesu get on a fix it?


ByGraceNotWorks said...

I've been told my rig has the hum also. Will Yeasu try to fix it if I call and complain? I've had this FT450d less than 5 months.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this too. I wish I could find one Web page that definitively outlines the fix.

Yaesu is NOT paying attention. This issue is giving them a really bad name, and what a shame as it seems fairly easy for them to fix on the production line.

Maybe someone who speaks and writes Japanese will send them a written letter by FedEx or DHL just to make sure they know what is going on.

David WB4ONA