26 Jan 2012

Dropbox Problem

When my grabber is running I use Dropbox to automatically upload the captured image to a location on the net where anyone can see the image. Recently Dropbox has been doing something wrong and when I try to launch the program I get an error message (see image). I have tried EVERYTHING to fix this, to no avail so far. Has anyone else had this issue? I looked on the Dropbox website (not too helpful), tried running Ccleaner to see if the registry entries were faulty (no luck), reinstalled the software (about 10 times now in different release versions) and deleted each when the same darn message appeared.



Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

Just an idea:
- Uninstall the software
- Delete the related software keys from the registry (manually)
- Reboot
- Install again
...but don't trust me, I don't use windows :)
Good luck.

Jon said...

Ricardos suggestion seems like a good one. Use regedit to remove all dropbox entries.

Alternatively use another online storage facility?

Anonymous said...

A lot of Windows problems are solved by:
1) Backing up important data
2) Formatting the hard drive
3) Re-Installing Windows (or preferably an other OS)

Mark GØNMY said...


It is to do with permissions and also a hidden locked down directory,
from the old dropbox install

You may have to right click the directory and take ownership of directory. If that doesn't work suggest you post on the forum and see if someone from dropbox can help.
HTH Mark