28 Dec 2011

Elecraft KX3 can now be ordered

On Dec 27th 2011 Elecraft announced that their new QRP radio can now be ordered with deliveries starting in about 8-9 weeks time. As a QRP radio the KX3 is likely to be "best in class" with some excellent features, but it is not low cost when loaded with options and imported into the UK after VAT and any duty is paid. See the KX3 page for more details.
The basic KX3 includes:

   * 10 watts output typical (13.8V) on 160-6 meters. (Up to 5W using internal batteries)
   * All modes (SSB, CW, Data, FM, AM)
   * Many features from the Elecraft K3, including the same full-size LCD
   * Advanced DSP features, including PSK31 and RTTY text display, noise reduction, auto-notch
   * Built-in 8-AA-cell battery holder
   * USB serial cable for firmware upgrades and for use with logging/contesting software

Available options include:

   * KXPD3 precision attached keyer paddle
   * KXFL3 dual-bandwidth roofing filter module for SSB/CW/Data modes
   * KXAT3 internal wide-range automatic antenna tuner
   * KXBC3 internal NiMH battery charger
   * MH3 hand mic with UP/DN VFO controls
   * RS232 control cable (optional replacement for supplied USB cable)
Although I certainly covet this little radio, I have not decided if I can justify the purchase, or indeed afford it!


Anonymous said...

Not that I can afford it, but I could not find prices on the Elecraft website (which, along with many commercial amateur radio companies, is poorly designed visually).

I like the look of the new Ten Tec QRP rig, but I'm sure that is also going to be pricey.

David, G8JGO.

Larry W2LJ said...


for pricing (and ordering).

Paul PC4T said...

Hi Roger, so far I am satisfied with my FT817 and FT450. For the time being I can't afford it. But when I win the lottery this month, then I will buy this rig. I also read that the K3 is still the best Elecraft rig. 73 Paul

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the heads up on the KX3 pricing - I notice the rig is now shown on the main prices page.

Nice rig, but like Paul (PC4T)...when I win the lottery!

David, G8JGO

sv3auw said...

A mere 3db better in output power and price!
I'll stay with FT-817!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going anywhere near that radio for that price.