5 Nov 2011

Another 10m QRP transceiver built

Yesterday I built another simple 10m CW QRP transceiver. This is similar to the Tenner on my website with some improvements. This time the power out is QRO (well 600mW!) and the receiver a direct conversion one built around an SBL1 with passive LP audio filter and 3 stages of audio gain. The VXO, run from a regulated 5V supply, uses a fundamental 28.060MHz crystal which pulls from 28.040-28.070MHz with a sensible RX-TX offset (happens automatically) of around 800-1000Hz. Chirp is better than the simple XBM10-2 as the VXO is better regulated and the PA is a separate stage. Yesterday I worked RZ3QZ before the RX was finished and got reports on the reverse beacon network from W3OA. This morning a full 2-way QSO with UR5IDU (him 579 me 549).

UPDATE 1520z Nov 5th: This rig is working very well with 7 two-way QSOs on 10m CW in the log already since 1140z today. There is a Russian contest and the band is busy with Russian stations. Reports are all 599 of course but no repeats needed so far.


Anonymous said...

You are some sort of R.F wizard, how do you
manage to produce so many rigs in such a short
time. Your have more magic than Merlin and no dragon
helping you.


Roger said...

Being retired helps Tony. I just get on a roll with building ideas some time. 4 Russians in the log 2-way today so far with this 600mW rig.

Anonymous said...

We done Roger
I must brush up my Morse Skills and have a go.
Yes once you get on a roll you can't stop it's very
addictive. I will dry and get up to the shack to kick start
my roll. BTW M&S have got some tins of walnut whips.
The Tin looks good with a carrying handle and would be ideal for a portable rig.

73's and good DX


Alex, US5EVD said...

just now RX your work.
RST 559-539 QSB.
I am calling....

I love QRP! :)