15 Nov 2011

The 481THz Band

My tests on 137kHz WSPR are now all but completed and I do not intend to take this work any further now I've "got the measure" of what is possible. I shall put the transverter in a box after a tidy up and use it periodically over the winter.

Now I am about to start something new: 481THz band communications! This is 623nm red light for the uninitiated. This evening I've made a start by ordering some suitable components to allow benchwork to start next week. My initial tests will be low powered beaconing with a portable receiver walking down the road. Assuming this is promising, I'll then refine the kit and organise optics to give some "antenna gain" to allow much greater range.

There are a lot of resources on the internet about light beam communication, especially using high power LEDs and there was an excellent series of inspiring articles about this in the March-May RadCom this year.


gj7rwt said...

that'S what I like about you Roger, from longwave to nanowave in 1 day! i look forward to reading how your experiments go.


Roger said...

I'll give anything a go Andy!

Mark VandeWettering (K6HX) said...

Terrific, Roger! I too have been interested in doing laser/LED communications, but while I've made a few crude transmitters, I haven't done much on the receive side. Looking forward to what you put together!

Mark K6HX

Anonymous said...


I will be following your experiments with interest.
Have you got any information on email reflectors for optical communication experimenters.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm waiting for Roger to claim DX records for cloud scatter by LED/Laser!!

David, G8JGO.