18 Oct 2011

More WSPR database issues today

28MHz WSPR this afternoon - loads of signals
Sadly this afternoon the internet WSPR database crashed again, just at a time when 10m propagation was excellent and some decent reports were coming in from the USA and elsewhere with my 50mW to the halo. All afternoon I was getting an endless string of DX stations coming through on WSPR all running 5W or much less but I have been unable to upload these to the database or get my own reports from it. I noticed G4KPX about 15km away from me was testing on 10m WSPR with 5mW and I am sure he would have been getting plenty of DX reports in today's conditions. Let's hope the database is back soon so I can upload spots manually and see what reports I was getting in the last few hours.

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VE3WDM said...

Good evening Roger, I have had the same happen to me in the past. Seems the more you want to use the data base the better the chances of something happening to it. Do post the results as I too run QRPp and am interested in your results.