27 Oct 2011

IC703, K1 and MFJ Cub (15m) possible sale

The above QRP rigs, all of which are in good condition, are part of my station but very underused compared with the FT817 and my homemade gear. So, I am thinking about selling these and at a fair price. The 5W K1 has the 40,30,20 and 15m band module as well as the auto-ATU internally. The IC703 covers 160-6m at up to 10W. The Cub is 1W on 15m.

My question is what IS a fair market price to charge for each? Please note these are NOT yet for sale and I am only trying to judge what sort of price to charge if I do decide to do so.


Anonymous said...

With the IC-703 (I presume it is the IC-703 Plus) everything depends on what accessories it comes with, especially the crystal filters which retail for hundreds of USD each. Also, is the internal tuner still intact and working?

The IC-703 was introduced in 2002 according to rigpix.com. Brand new the eham.net review page header says MSRP for the basic IC-703 is $400 USD.

The IC-703 priced accessories are here:


So you can see, with a couple of filters this radio retailed new for close to $1,000 USD. That's retail min-you; before any discounts.

As to what it is worth today - I won't poison the well.

Good Luck with the sale. I wish I could find a way to Email you - I might just make an offer myself :-)

73's, David

Anonymous said...

hello Roger

I will be interresser by the icom ic-703 more, the price for a tx only in perfect state is of 400 euro and I usqu' have 600 euro if filter bag accumulators and antenna.
If you decide to sell the 703 mercy to make me a proposal.
my call f1rkf
73 thierry
email f1rkf at wanadoo.fr