8 Sep 2011

Success on 137kHz QRPp

 My 137kHz 0.2mW ERP signal by M0BMU at 69km
Today has seen some very encouraging results achieved on 137kHz with the QRSS30 0.2mW ERP beacon. Firstly copy from G4AYT in Whitstable Kent at 118km (in the null of my TX loop antenna) and excellent reception by M0BMU using his ferrite rod antenna at 69km - see screen shot. Several more stations are looking out for the signal which will remain on overnight.


Bert, PA1B said...

Hallo Roger, No doubt about it, that is you, XBM. It is an excellent signal.
73, Bert

Anonymous said...

It's a fascinating part of the RF spectrum. At what point would you estimate the ERP required to carry out normal CW QSOs? Again, I expect part of the equation is activity on the band.

73, David G8JGO.

Roger G3XBM said...

Even at 0.2mW ERP CW QSOs should be possible out to about 20-30miles.