19 Sep 2011

IC7000, FT450D or KX3?

After many years I am thinking of upgrading my "main" HF/6m rig and these are my main options. Any views on which one to go for? I shall only use the rig for QRP mainly but a bit more power could be useful at times. VHF and UHF could be a nice addition with the IC7000 but the FT450D has better reviews. Of course the KX3 is some months away from production, especially in a CE approved European version. Ideally I'd like an FT817 successor, but this doesn't look likely before I die.


Peter B Marks said...


An IC7000 is my primary rig and it is excellent except for the fact that it draws 1.3A just receiving (which kind of hits my solar power budget).

For that reason, I'm looking forward to the KX3 and have already started saving.

The FT817 has owned its category for ten years, as you say - it's time for a successor with better usability and more modern technology (DSP/SDR).

Why is it that we can buy a tiny software defined VHF/UHF radio in the form of a UV-3R for $40 and HF transceivers seem so far behind and expensive?



Casey Bahr said...

Peter's right, SDR is the future and any manufacturers that don't see that one coming deserve to perish! :)

KX3 is my vote! Buy the PA, too, if you want some boost.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as you Roger, using FT857 and Icom IC718, looking to renew and did look at the FT450, which would for me be an ideal base replacement, BUT then comes along the KX3, started saving already. Has to be said though the 817 would be the last rig to go.

Graham G8NWC

Jooxster said...

I use my Icom 746 with a negative voltage supply to the ALC, governed by a ten turn pot. That gives me 0 - 5 watts. Does the 450D offer anything less than 5 watts - I got bored with guaranteed copies on full QRP power. I've considered the 897, but I have a FT 817 and at 5 watts. there's little difference.

Cheers G0 UTR

Cheers G