24 Aug 2011

Heathkit kits again?

The Southgate amateur news page carries a story that Heathkit may be about to start the production of kits again after a break of many years. This would be excellent news. Heathkit used to produce world class kits that were in a class of their own with first class instructions. Let us hope they decide to restart amateur radio kits as well in due course. In the amateur radio field Elecraft are the nearest.

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Dominic Rivron said...

I've got an old Heathkit transciever sat here (SB 101 I think). It only came into my possession when it was very old and it stopped working the second time I used it. I had had it doing PSK-31, QRP. Perhaps even on low power it was too much for it - I'll have to dig it out and try and fix it one day.