20 Aug 2011

Chile on 10m WSPR

Just exchanged WSPR reports with XQ6FOD in Chile at 12285km on 10m this evening at 2054z. At first I thought this was a bogus report but checking on QRZ.com the call is genuine. I think this was Es linking into some TEP F2 propagation as I was getting good reports from Spain.


Anonymous said...

Well done Roger, that is an amazing result!

I'm not QRV on 10M at the moment due to rig problems, but spent most of the day listening to 10M FM repeaters. I could hear ID them well into the evening, with no traffic calling through. Of course 27MHz was rocking (as usual).

This morning (07:45 GMT) I'm listening to SSB mobiles on 27MHz in Hungary, but little activity on 10M.

Is it down to activity, or is there some physical propagation characteristic why 27MHz opens up so much better than 28MHz?

David, G8JGO

Roger G3XBM said...

Being slightly lower in frequency there will be a few more openings on 11m than 10m but I think there is far more CB activity than on the 10m band.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

11m ops here in the Netherlands reported several contacts into the Pacific. I didn't follow the DX cluster, but did anyone report that from Europe on 10m?? 73, Bas