2 Jun 2011


At this time of the year 6m is a great band for sporadic-E DXing with QRP and simple antennas. All of Europe and North Africa is in range with 5W SSB and a dipole, halo or small vertical. At the moment I'm putting my WSPR beacon on 6m whenever I can in the hope of catching some short openings in unusual directions. Best DX reports so far are to/from CN8LI in Morocco at 2113km. With some luck, the band will open up to the USA and Canada soon (multi-hop Es) and I'll get some spots from across the Atlantic on 6m.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

What is the frequency for WSPR activity on six meters,
should be good for DX with an indoor whip and an FT817.
Theres a promise of having the XYls laptop so i can have a go at some serious WSPRing. My old Dell laptop is totally nackered and too slow for Internet access.

BTW Roger are you on Twitter I would like to follow you.

73 Tony G4LLW