14 Jun 2011

23cm activity contest next Tuesday

Having had some fun in both the 2m and 70cm cumulative contests today and last Tuesday my thoughts are now turning to the next contest which is on 23cm next Tuesday evening. As I don't have any transmit or antennas on that band I shall just listen. Once again I shall have to make a suitable antenna and the most likely will be either a small 4 el beam made from thick wire or a 23cm Moxon 2 element beam which would be about the size of my hand. My 23cm converter has not been used for well over 15 years so that will need to be checked carefully and the LO crystal re-netted.


Mark VandeWettering (K6HX) said...

Perhaps a cheap yagi?


Roger G3XBM said...

Mark thanks for the suggestion and link.

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

what is the level of activity for FM
on 23cm. Might be tempted to try a beam with my Scanners.