25 May 2011

Sepura introduce intrinsically safe TETRA portable

My colleagues at my old company, Sepura, have just released details of their new ATEX intrinsically safe TETRA portable. From my own experience of designing intrinsically safe products (PF2UBIIC, EXPF85) this is a far from easy task, especially today when the tests are even more extreme and challenging. Well done to the team involved.

Intrinsically safe radios are designed to be used in very hazardous locations such as oil refineries or petrochemical plants where the risk of explosion is high. They are designed to be safe even in certain fault conditions.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger
Nice to see Sepura are doing well, I remember them when they were called Semoco. I worked for Philips projects over in Cromwell Rd the old labgear factory.
You might remember Rick Baxster his wife made waistcoats For him with nice flower designs. From what I remember he wore loud bowties. This would be about 1996
They were a happy and enjoyable group of people to work with and the training was excellent, and my kids always had chrismas presents every year.

Tony G4LLW

Cesar said...

The radio look great, but we need more information about functionalities and battery performance. Sepura's guys should give more information, for instance: if the release a User manual should be excellent. In addition, do you know if they are working in a new version with a full keyboard and IS.


Cesar said...

The radio looks great, but I need to know more about functionalities and battery performance. Sepura guys should give more information, for instance they could release a manual user version. It will be excellent to compare. Does Sepura are working over full keyboard version? That , it essential to be competitive.