27 Apr 2011

3km DX on 8.97kHz WSPR today

This morning I successfully decoded a VLF earth mode WSPR signal from G6ALB at a distance of 3km. Signal was quite strong, but for some reason the WSPR software refused to decode it (apart from once) despite clocks being reset at each end. This is my best WSPR DX reception on VLF so far. Andrew was running 40W to an earth electrode antenna. I was copying him on an earth electrode antenna although the WSPR signal was stronger later on the 80m square vertical loop in the garden.

In the afternoon I used my wife's laptop and WSPR decoded every time at -16/-17dB S/N, a very decent signal. There is a video showing the VLF WSPR set-up if you want to see it. 

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