13 Feb 2011

Simple Sideband QRP 10m transceiver started

A long overdue project of mine is a QRP 10m simple sideband (DSB) transceiver. Having got the 4m transverter working (circuit to follow) I'm now starting work on this project in time for the summer sporadic-E season. A website to track progress on this has been started. See a Simple Sideband 10m Transceiver. With any luck this will be breadboarded by mid-March. I have included lots of links to other 10m designs from which ideas will be (or have already been) gleaned.


Julian said...

I look forward to following this project, Roger. I would just like to make one suggestion: perhaps covering the 10m QRP calling frequency, 28.360MHz I think, should be an objective?

Roger G3XBM said...

Actually Julian in all my time on 10m I've rarely (if ever) had QRP QSOs on 28.360MHz. Most contacts can be had, quite easily in the busy 28.4-28.6MHz area where a few watts of SSB is usually enough.

Of course, it should be easy to get down to 28.36MHz with a mixer-VFO design though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger
great project you will be surprised by the results obtained even QRP
You will find on my site a few starting points
Best 73

Michel F6FEO

G0PVN said...

Looking forward to this Roger - have been thinking about a simple transceiver for 28m for ages!
Chris G0PVN

G0PVN said...

sorry - i meant 10m - oops