20 Feb 2011

More work on the 10m DSB rig

Today I continued breadboarding the TX strip of the 10m DSB transceiver changing the single balanced mixer to a broadband design and adding/changing stages in the driver and PA. After the mixer, the driver/PA design now has 2 transistors and 1 FET PA with an output of around 1W pep. This is not enough. My aim remains at least 2W pep either from this line-up (with an IRF510 PA) or with a different PA.

Incidentally, I need a name for this rig. I used the name "Tenner" for my 10m CW transceiver, so what shall I call this one? Please give me some ideas! DSB10? Sidebander10? 10phone?


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

How about naming it the Tenbox.

KR Tony

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

You might want name it after some places in Devon

Gary - G4WGT. said...


How about "Double10"

73, Gary.

John A. Ireland said...

How about 2Tenner for two watts, two sidebands and ten meters.

john AD7EV