16 Feb 2011

70.210MHz test with M0AFJ

M0AFJ's 4m CW at 75km tonight
This evening I did a test with M0AFJ in Milton Keynes about 75km west of me on 70.210MHz SSB and CW. Tim was using 80W to a 5el and I was using about 800mW into my loft dipole. M0AFJ was quite reasonable copy at times (see Spectran image of his CW - about 20dB over the noise) but Tim thinks, at best, he just copied the odd fragment of my transmission. With 20dB difference between us the result was not unexpected. I appreciated Tim trying though as I have now copied 3 stations on the band G6ALB (3km), GB3BAA (89km) and M0AFJ (75km).

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Tim M0AFJ said...

Sorry we didn't make it Roger, maybe we could try some WSPR transmissions or one of the other digi modes. I'm around over the weekend and can leave the rig running. Let me know