4 Feb 2011

4m transverter - stage 1

4m converter breadboard (2N3904 oscillator and NE602)
This afternoon I breadboarded up my 4m RX converter using a 42MHz 3rd overtone oscillator and an NE602 RF amp/mixer. Surprisingly for me, all worked first time and I was rewarded with the sound of the GB3BAA beacon in Tring on 70.016MHz 90km away using my 10m halo as the antenna for now. Signal levels with this antenna were not great, but heck it works.

Next stage is to breadboard the TX mixer and buffer stages.


Paul - PC4T said...

Hello Roger, well done. 73 Paul

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

That's a nifty design!!
Well done again.

Tony G4LLW

Ian MW0IAN said...

Hi Roger,

I think I'm going to order a 42Mhz xtal and follow your work, hope you don't mind :)


Anonymous said...

Good start for the transverter project!
All the best

TiƩgui said...

Hello Roger !

Have you worked on HF designs before ?
It's because I see you putted a resistor across the Xtal. This is done to reduce the fundamental frequency of the Xtal.

But not every body knows that ;)

73, F4EOB.