12 Jan 2011

What next at G3XBM?

With my recent semi-successful WSPR transmissions on 136kHz and a few outings on 500kHz I feel I'm at a crossroads now: do I go on with the LF experiments or do I have a change and do something completely different? My original aim on the LF bands was to see what could be done "simply" i.e. without large antennas and with real 5W or less QRP power from the PA. Already I have the measure of this and I doubt I'll prove much more to myself by striving further.

Next challenge? Ideas please.



Hello Roger
I think your blog is super lots of good idears how about a 70Mhz transverter for SSB/CW lots more countries are getting 4 meters and you would be ready for the sporadic E season

David M0EMM

Roger G3XBM said...

Not a bad idea David. I've done homebrew transverters for 6m and 2m in the past, so 4m would be quite straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 4m challenge - but what about a simple CW or DSB 70mhz project to try and rise homebrewed activity??


Anonymous said...

How about vhf fm qrp? Sounds like a challange! Simon m3hxe

TiƩgui said...

Take hollidays :))

73, Thierry F4EOB