19 Jan 2011

FT817 lowest power setting at 500mW

Do you know, I've only just realised something about my FT817 having owned it for almost 10 years: as someone pointed out to me, the lowest setting on the FT817 is always 500mW whether on an external supply or internal batteries. For some reason I had believed "1 dash" on the display was 500mW on batteries and 1W on a mains PSU. I just checked and it really is 500mW out.

So, my recent WSPR DX spots with 10mW and 1mW were actually at 5mW and 500uW!


Paul - PC4T said...

Hello Roger, yes I knew, I do use a 10 db attenuator at the lowest setting of 500 mW with my FT817. Makes your DX more special. 73 Paul

Anonymous said...

Hello Roger and Paul,

I often use the lowest possible power in each QSO.
I use the following values on the QSL-cards: 5W, 2.5W, 980 mW and 450 mW.
So with the FT-817 on 500 mW with 10 db attenuation, the power to the antenna will be 45 mW.

The values have been measured with professional equipment, during a visit to Mischa PA1OKZ.
These values include the loss in my small SWR meter and cables of the attenuator. Then at 0 dB.
(Actually the power is even lower.) hi
But then I'am sure that the real power will be less.

There is also a table of the FT-817 on the PA1B attenuator page.

73, Bert PA1B