20 Jan 2011

Corporate Greed

I don't usually get political on my blog, but something has incensed me this week. Goldman Sachs, the huge multi-national finance company, has declared huge bonuses for its staff. In the press yesterday it was reported that their staff now have an average salary+bonus package of $430000 a year!  At the same time I've read that they've slashed their corporate charity giving by a large amount. If these figures are correct, then I believe them to be obscene and a prime example of the corporate greed of some big financial institutions. I am not sure how to respond, but want to email their CEO, but haven't managed to find his email address on the swish corporate website!  In the end, such greed cannot be acceptable. This is the sort of behaviour that festered revolutions a century ago: the seeds are there for it to happen again within 10 years when the ordinary man says, "no more".


Anonymous said...

They are first on the list
come the revolution.

Power to People

Woolfy Smith

Anonymous said...

High gas, electrcity and high petrol prices no wage rises or bonuses. No much of a life just trying to servive. No retirement age just work to you drop.
No political party has got the balls to sort out corporate greed.


Julian said...

"No political party has got the balls to sort out corporate greed."

Of course not. As soon as they get in power they get approached and told that if they don't rock the boat there will be a place for them on the gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the money is fabulous but would you really want the job?

Maybe rather than moan it would be better to become a banker and give 95% of your earnings to charity?

Anonymous said...

It's only a small number of people at the top
of an organisation that are being greedy, and
making it bad for everyone else.
Most company directors give a lot to charity.
Some money needs to be invested in good customer service.


Roger G3XBM said...

Sadly I don't agree Tony. In the financial sector greed is endemic throughout many organisations. How can an AVERAGE salary of $430000 be right by any measure? The large banks need to "get real" before the common man takes to the streets in open revolution. Honestly, unless we change things peacefully the equivalent of the Russian Revolution is on the horizon not too many years into the future. All the omens are gathering.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it Roger what
happened to idea of a peoples bank
along the lines of the Post office
savings bank and National Giro Bank before before it was privatised.
Yet another broken promise again
by the powers that be.


andy said...

its the bonuses paid by the bailed out banks that should be your main concern. After all,its your tax money thats being used. I say ban the bonus until the government has received the bailout money back.