27 Jan 2011

4m transverter paper design

Today I have been gathering data and information for my 4m QRP transverter and started on an "on paper" design around an NE602 RX mixer, 2N3904  3rd overtone oscillator, 2N3904 driver(s) and a 2N3866 PA. It is surprising how much can be done on paper before you start by referring to datasheets and on-line RF calculators. I'm wondering if my T50-6 toroids will just stretch to 4m.


Anonymous said...

I remember my boss designed circuits on the back of Fag packets. He smoked a lot of Fags, and he is still in the land of the living.


Ian said...

Hi Roger,

I am following your progress with interest.


Anonymous said...

Hello roger pleased to see your giving 4m a try i think you will realy enjoy this band especialy during the sporadic E season i am looking forward to see your transverter come togeather and may fire up the soldering iron i could do with building one for portable activity SOTA. etc

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Roger. In The Netherlands it is expected that spring this year 70-70.5 MHz will come available for ham-radio. Thinking of building a transverter or buying an FM 4m rig like the Condor3000 (AS550).