16 Dec 2010

Yaesu FT450D (new version of the FT450)

Stateside magazines and websites are talking about a new version of the FT450 from Yaesu.  See the Universal Radio page about the FT450D. Apart from differently styled knobs and a couple of fold down feet - the original did not have a stand - I cannot really see what has changed. The FT450 has consistently got good reviews as a relatively inexpensive 160-6m 100W rig. As someone who has always been very pleased with Yaesu products right back to the FT7 days, I would consider this if buying a new HF radio for general use.


Jingles said...

Looks great, i wish to have one piece for me, features are also awesome, thanks for posting.

Ron said...

FT450-D versus FT450-AT:

300 & 500 Hz CW filters added.
Also 400 MHz IF dsp.

73, ron