19 Dec 2010

160m QRP DX on WSPR

WSPR reports - 160m 5W QRP
Last night I used my 5m long vertical feeder to the 10m halo as a TX antenna on 160m WSPR, matching it with a few turns on a ferrite rod on the bedroom table and the Elecraft T1 auto-ATU. Results were very encouraging for 5W and an indifferent antenna with best DX reports from Norway and Spain. On RX the best DX was RA3LW at 2036km.


M0JEK said...

Shows how versatile your Homebase 10 halo is :-)

Limbo - a life said...

I would love to become a ham radio operator but do not know where to start.

Roger G3XBM said...

Dear "Limbo - a life"

You are in the USA, so the first thing to do is contact the ARRL (the American Radio Relay League) who will give you information on how to become a ham in the USA. See http://www.arrl.org/licensing-preparation-exams . All the best for 2011 and I hope you get into ham radio. It is a wonderful hobby.