22 Oct 2010

8.7 to 9.1kHz NoV received

This morning I received my NoV from OFCOM to operate legally around 9kHz (see copy on RHS - click to enlarge).

Details are:
  • 1yr duration
  • 8.7kHz - 9.1kHz 
  • 100mW EIRP
  • Modes not specified (long periodic modes preferred by Met Office)
  • Met Office have to be informed of, and approve, operating periods and be sent logs
  • Home QTH or /P locations only with prior Met Office approval
No firm plans yet when I'll start local tests on this band, but within couple of weeks with QRP WSPR and QRSS. I'll put a copy of the NoV on my website in the next few hours.


andy said...

congratulations....and you thought 137khz was hard!!!!

Good luck.

73's Andy

Roger G3XBM said...

Andy - at least I am not expecting great distances with my power on 8.97kHz.

andy said...

makes it all the more exciting!

have you made your tx yet?

John GM4SLV said...

Well done on getting the NoV Roger. I suspect I'll be sitting this one out though! Good luck on 9kHz

Mike said...

Not wishing to be too downbeat but I find this very worrying.

This band is actively used for science. Not just for operation reasons by the MET office.

There is currently work going on within the ITU-R to make a full allocation. The nature of the science means there is nowhere else to go, so is it really sensible for amateurs to attempt to gain an allocation here?

We amateurs complain when others try and take over our well established bands.