1 Sep 2010

More results on 137kHz and a better ERP calculation

Today I managed, I believe, for the first time to accurately measure the ERP of my QRPp system on 137kHz. This is the method used:
  • Using the E-field probe, FT817 (AGC off, gain backed off as far as possible and a 10dB pad between the EFP and the FT817) and Spectran I went to my usual test site 1.5km away from the QTH, 45 degrees off the main lobe of the TX loop/earth electrode antenna.
  • Measured the signal level of DCF39 on 138.83kHz
  • Measured the signal level of G3XBM on 137.675kHz
  • Repeated this three times to reduce errors.
  • Noted the difference in FS level.
Difference in signal level = 44dB . I feel pretty confident this is an accurate figure now and not effected by AGC and overload. Assuming DCF39 is 1mV/m here (info from Alan Melia)  then my FS at the test site is 6.4uV/m.  Using the formula ERP = (E*d)^2/49 where E = 6.4*10E-6 and d=1.5*10E3 gives an ERP = 1.9uW giving an antenna efficiency of -63dB using the earth electrode antenna with the elevated feed and 4W from the PA. 

The test site is about 45 degrees off the main line of fire of the antenna, so in the best direction it could be 10dB (?) stronger, i.e. 20uW ERP giving an antenna efficiency of -53dB in the best directions. Frankly I'm amazed that anyone can copy this signal at any distance, so full marks to G3XIZ (48km) and G3XDV (62km).

Mike G3XDV sent me another screenshot of my signals this morning during the tests. if you look carefully you can just make out "G3X..." in QRSS3.

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