2 Sep 2010

More loop experiments at 500 and 136kHz

Today I converted my earth electrode antenna with elevated feed wires into a full "in the air" loop for both 500kHz and 136kHz. As might be expected, tuning is now very sharp as there is no longer a 50 ohm earth resistance in circuit dampening the Q. At first I found matching and tuning impossible until I decided to match the loop with a step-down transformer (3.5:1 on a 3C90 core) and separately do the tuning. This works a treat and it is now a simple matter to tune the loop either for 500kHz or 136/137kHz.

First reports on 136kHz with the QRSS3 beacon suggest the signal is about 6dB stronger, which is a great result. The loop is wound with quite thin wire (1-2mm diameter), so a higher efficiency is possible with thicker wire, but with even sharper tuning.

LATER: Attracting any attention is turning out to be a serious issue with real QRP on 136kHz. Even with alerts on my blog, the LF-reflector and the GQRP Yahoo groups it's hard to get that many people taking a listen/look. With uW ERPs I'm beginning to think that I'm never going to be able to get much further than my present best DX of 62km.

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