27 Aug 2010

136kHz TX transverter almost ready (5W from PA)

Today I should complete the first breadboard version of my QRP TX transverter for 136kHz. It mixes down from 10MHz in a similar arrangement to my 500kHz unit, which transverted down from 28MHz. ERP on the original 137.675kHz QRSS3 beacon has been increased by 3dB to 20uW. The ERP from the transverter into the earth electrode "antenna" will be about the same level initially. I'll run WSPR tests for the first time on 136kHz this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Tnx for ur 136kHZ info. Canada has now authorized ops in this band. Being a WSPR fan, I too am intersted in building a tranverter and running WSPR into the rig..
Do you have any schematics to share on your cct?