24 Jul 2010

PW author Gordon King G4VFV now silent key

Practical Wireless author Gordon King G4VFV died yesterday from stomach cancer. Gordon wrote many radio and TV related books and contributed regularly to PW. He lived in Brixham, Devon.


Anonymous said...

G4VFV, surely?


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger
Very sad news about the death of Gordon King.
I read all Gordon's books while studying for my C.G.L.I Radio TV Electronics Servicing exams.
My career in Electronics is mostly due to reading Gordons books.
Technical writers about the time Gordon was writing were very heavy on Maths.
Gordon's books were written for the service engineer and were enjoyable to read with lots
of servicing tips I use to this day.
Although Gordons practical wireless articles were aimed at the beginner they were a good
read for experienced egineers to refresh their memory banks.
Do you remember the following writers : B.Fozard Principles and Calculations, Patchet Electrical Principles.
Spreadbury Television serving. Hudson Colour Telvision.
Gordon also wrote for Practical Television Magazine.
I know Gordon wrote a lot of books on Hi Fi.
I will have to do a google to see what other books have been published in rescent years.
Gordon became interested in Ham Radio Via 934Mhz C.B

Kind Regards