7 Jul 2010

French food

Being in France currently it gives me a chance to try some good, and inexpensive food. This evening we've enjoyed a first class 4 course meal with wine that was superb. Carpaccio (marinated raw beef with a pear sorbet - tastes wonderful) followed by Loire fish, cheeses, and a delicious sorbet and tart and good coffee to follow. Tomorrow there are a few more chateau visits. I can recommend Logis de France as good value places to stay and eat.


Dick said...

Don't forget Daube a stick-to-your ribs beef stew. Be sure to eat the products of the region. That's always best. You are in a wonderful region of the country right now. Gastronomie Francaise superieure.

Bon appetit

Julian said...

France and inexpensive are not two words I often use in the same sentence. Mind you I have only been to the south of France (due to having an aged aunt who lives there) and she tells me it is more expensive than the rest of the country.