25 Jul 2010

136khz transverter

I'm getting ideas, and parts, together to allow me to build a small transverter for 136kHz. For the TX low pass filter I'll use either T68-2 or T157-2 (or something on between) toroids as these seem most suitable at up to 30W.  For the RX input tuned circuit I still need to find a suitable inductor, preferably tunable. Any ideas?


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

How about simple rf chokes for the input filter? No state of the art but will do just fine and you can tune with capacitors...easier to find.

Anonymous said...

Simple chokes should be o.k
when the signal processing is done at the PC end.
The extra selectivity of tuned ciruits makes the Transverter ideal
for conventonal type CW qso's
Without the need for a PC.