7 Jun 2010

Useful multi-band HF vertical

The Snowdonia Radio Company is offering the SRC X80, a 5.8m long multi-band HF vertical matched via a 9:1 unun matching box. This sells for just £47, which is excellent value compared with similar offerings from the Japanese manufacturers. Such Rybakov antennas offer a decent match, easily brought to 1:1 VSWR using an auto ATU, on the higher HF bands. On the higher bands performance is quite acceptable considering the compromise in size. In the latest edition of PW Magazine G6MXL reports working plenty of DX with 50-100W using one.


simon oliver-m3hxe said...

Looks interesting! I'll have to have a look at the review!


Roger G3XBM said...

Just ordered one and will tell everyone how I get on with it in due course.

Graham G8NWC said...

Hi Roger, picked up a variation of this at the Spalding Rally,http://www.prowhipantennas.co.uk/ will let you know how it goes.

MW3SIM said...

Hmmmmm prowhip same as Snowdonia radio eh??. Well maybe in a sort of chalk is the same as cheese way :).
I have met and spoke to ray, but he did not really seem to know just what he was talking about, or what indeed he made. There is alot of difference between a 4:1 balun and a 9:1 unun. Although prowhip ray proudly said "well mine is different its sort of 4 and a half ish turns" whatever that means. I have a prowhip too but mine is used for fishing like daiwa invented it for. I would recommend viewing this link http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/8751. I know this feed is not to rant on about cheap home brew products. So my more constructive comment is my src X80 has worked confirmed into malaysia on my trusty yaesu ft 817. Keep them coming SRC.