26 Jun 2010

Nuclear submarines + UK Trident nuclear deterrent

There's a programme on BBC TV tomorrow about the design and building of the UK's latest nuclear submarine. The preview said that each costs 1 billion UK pounds to build!! Couple this with the 100 billion pounds we are likely to spend on upgrading Trident nuclear weapons and we are talking about a huge amount of money.  I find these sums on such weaponry obscene and plain wrong. If similar amounts were invested in the search for sustainable energy sources I'd be much happier.


Paul - PAƘPSY said...

Hello Roger, I totality agree with you. It's complete madness. 73 Paul

Julian said...

Trident is a luxury we cannot afford in the present economic climate (if we ever could.) It is quite wrong to continue spending such amounts simply to try to maintain the illusion that Britain is still an important world power whilst services are being cut and the retirement age being extended for economic reasons. Other European countries manage without a nuclear deterrent and in many cases provide better services and benefits for their citizens. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Julian.